Sending mail using workflow and “Encoded Absolute URL” problem

Sometimes you need to send email notification to someone using the ability in Sharepoint designer to do so.

Well it’s very easy to make so you can find a good start tutorial here:

But, what if you wanna add links to a list inside the message body , specific if you want the receiver to directly edit or view the required item ?

There are mulitple solutions to this issue, you may copy and past the URL directly inside the body of the message, or use this smart solution>>

adding the Encoded Absolute URL (EAU) using the lookup, but the tricky part is adding { /../ } after the EAU and add whatever form.aspx to the link.

the picture below clarify what i mean:

why doing so ??

if you are familiar with such solutions you will notice that EAU always returns the URL followed by { #_.000} like this for examble:

http://servername/ListName/8_.000 where 8 is curent item ID.

if you received such link in you mail, while trying openning the link you will receive 404 error in the browser, so if you want to solve this kind of problems do like what i mentioned above.




About Hossam Kamal

Hossam Kamal Senior SharePoint Developer with high development skills in C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint Server Technologies, jQuery, CSS, XML, O.O.D, SSRS and MS.SQL Server.
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11 Responses to Sending mail using workflow and “Encoded Absolute URL” problem

  1. Kent says:

    Ha, clever! Thanks.

  2. Ariel Rosario says:


  3. Bisi says:

    Hi Kamal,

    I just want to use Encoded Absolute Url. Where is the other part (editform.aspx:id=[%=ID%]) coming from?.
    I have tried all sorts to no avail. The ID part of my Current ID does not turn to hyper link, so it is not bringing up the item in question.


    • Hossam Kamal says:

      you should write it down this way:
      EditForm.aspx?id=[%Currentitem:ID%] while [%Currentitem:ID%] you get it using lookup within the string builder of SPD WF.

  4. Johnd442 says:

    Hey, thanks for the post.Really thank you! Really Cool. fadeedebgeed

  5. Junia says:

    You’ve restored my sanity. Thank you.

  6. Micky says:

    Hey Kamal, I did as you mentioned above nut still getting HTTP 404 Not Found page.

    [%Current Item:Encoded Absolute URL%]/../EditForm.aspx?id=[%Currentitem:ID%]

    Please help me out

  7. Mike says:

    Clever solution! Thanks! It’s very helpful.

  8. I know this a really old post but it has saved my day. Thank you so much!

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