Where to start SharePoint ?

From time to time, one may ask himself a question how could i learn this new technology, or upgrade my profession skills.

In SharePoint learning road map,i have faced many problems:

The first problem is a well definition to the product itself, and the second is where to start ?!

So what’s SharePoint ?

The best simple definition from Wikipedia is:

A web application platform developed by Microsoft. Launched in 2001, SharePoint is designed as a centralized replacement for multiple web applications and supports various combinations of enterprise website requirements. It is typically associated with web content management and document management systems.

SharePoint’s multi-purpose platform allows for managing and provisioning of intranet portals, extranets and websites, document management and file management, collaboration spaces, social networking tools, enterprise search, business intelligence tooling, process/information integration, and third-party developed solutions. SharePoint can also be used as a web application development platform.

Now we have a good definition, so where to start ?

The best practice for starting a new technology is by remarking its main resources, which mean going to SharePoint official site and searching for learning materials, it will contain the best kicking start as a new comer to this great technology;here you are the web site “as a good start you must be up-to-date with this technology so i have choose 2010 product which meanly will be focused in my blog ” :


In this site you will find dozen of categories and sections which will help you for example you will find :Product Information section ,The product Capabilities section, if you wanna to involve deeper in the product you may Try It , but before trying it you may need some pre-requists for your hardware and software hosts of the product, you must be a ware of installation which you may find a good practice to it here.

After installation i advice you to begin the real learning steps, which will be here.

well, till now i hope that you may a useful kicking start guide for SharePoint, during our journey you will learn more and more.


About Hossam Kamal

Hossam Kamal Senior SharePoint Developer with high development skills in C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint Server Technologies, jQuery, CSS, XML, O.O.D, SSRS and MS.SQL Server.
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